"Startup.az" is a platform that provides information about Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem in a single portal. "Startup.az" provides access to information about the work being done in Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem, both locally and globally. 

The platform developed by the "Startup Azerbaijan" organization contains detailed information about startups in the market, investors, financial funds, incubation and acceleration centers, and other organizations that support startups. The platform's content is constantly updated in response to industry developments.

The platform assists startups in presenting their projects to the general public, obtaining financial support, and attracting specialists to their teams. The site's "Startup staff" section also lists job openings for skilled individuals interested in joining a startup team. 

The platform has the advantage of allowing people interested in this field to easily share detailed information about their projects with the audience by creating an account on the site based on their profile. 

"Startup.az" is available in two languages (Azerbaijani, English).