Osman Gunduz is the president of the Azerbaijan Internet Forum and the director of the "Multimedia" Information Systems Technologies Center. 

He has been working on studies regarding the national Internet infrastructure in the field of information technologies for a very long time as the founder of the first non-governmental organization in the country in the field of information technologies.

Osman Gunduz participates in a number of international events relating to the growth, supervision, and self-regulation of Azerbaijan's Internet. Azerbaijan's national multimedia project "Azerbaijan panorama" (information system, 1997–1998), "AzTest," an interactive educational tool based on the use of ICT in education, "AzLaws," the legal framework of the Republic of Azerbaijan (information system, 1999), and "AzTarix"– 6 He was the project leader and author of initiatives for the creation of AzNGO Information System (2005), multimedia textbooks (2004), and other electronic products.

He ran for office in the 2005 legislative elections. In 2005–2006, he published the books "Internet. Azerbaijan Internet Resources" and "Computer. (2006), "Peculiarities of Mobile Phone," and "Basics of Information Technologies." Computer and smartphone.

With the startup "Startup Azerbaijan" project, he has long supported the emergence and growth of the startup movement in the nation.