The main goal of the Startup Azerbaijan project is to improve the investment climate of the country’s ICT sector, identify the best internet and IT projects, and assist in turning innovative ideas into successful business areas.

Generally, an innovative idea means an activity directed towards the presentation of any product or service by the way of effective use of information technologies.

The final aim of any proposed project should be directed towards launching a real business, providing general and social services, and attracting customers. It’s possible to propose a project based on the existing business ideas. In this case, the proposed project should be based on more efficient innovations.

The projects should not be of a research nature. These kinds of projects are not accepted for competitions and other contests held within the Startup Azerbaijan.

Business projects could be presented by a team composed of one or several people,

It should be noted that the competition is open for projects which could be used both locally and globally.

All startups participating in the Startup Azerbaijan competitions are evaluated by experts.

Startup Azerbaijan is not only a competition. Thus, training for startupers and meetings with investors are organized within the Startup Azerbaijan project. Startups also get support while forming a team. Those wishing to launch an internet business are provided with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience during the training organized within the project.

Startup Azerbaijan team supports selected startups in submitting their projects to consideration of investors and finding investors. Also, certain steps are taken in the field of providing accessibility to interesting projects for investors.

In order to secure the project’s objectives and goals startup meetings and discussions are held.

Although Startup Azerbaijan presents nominal awards to winners, the core funding of projects comes after their presentation to different investors and funds.

Startup Azerbaijan provides successful Internet projects with overall support to get funding and assistance, meet with investors, and train with the participation of local and international experts.

Startup Azerbaijan thinks of it to be useful in terms of realizing the wishes of those willing to launch their own internet business, find investment and manage the business.