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"Technovate - Sabah Angel Investors Club"

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A high-risk investor known as "Technovate - Sabah Angel Investors Club" is willing to lose the money even if the investment doesn't succeed in order to spend 10 to 50 thousand dollars annually in international firms in the hopes of earning 10, 100, or even 1000 times more in return. The club alan is for persons who desire to contribute to a better world.

Each club member is evaluated separately. To apply, you must register and complete out the required fields on the www.technovateangels.com page. First, after a specific number of members join the club, it is intended to offer trainings and webinars with a wealth of content. Listening to overseas investors and learning from their experiences will be a huge accomplishment for our local investors. Investors in our club will then have the chance to independently invest in firms that have applied to Technovate from anywhere in the world and made it through Technovate's "filter."

The club offers investors the chance to invest via the SAFE contract, which enables investors to purchase and sell shares without knowing the startup's exact price while also establishing a valuation cap for this price. In accordance with this agreement, the investors will invest in a business that is still in its early stages. The investment they make now will be valued in accordance with the firm valuation for subsequent investments in the business, but with a cap.

Priority investment areas

Projects that have received funding